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Under the learn pillar, we offer you the opportunity to learn soft skills in addition to your academic career through a series of interactive workshops. These workshops are bundled in a track with each track covering a certain topic.

Our workshops are well known in Leuven for their quality and professionality. Therefore, you will receive an official certificate, licensed by KU Leuven at the end of each track. By offering a wide range of topics, we are open to all students from all faculties. This semester, there are four tracks available in Dutch and one in English.

What does a track entail?

A track is a sequence of tree highly interactive workshops of two hours, provided by high quality enterprises. This means that you are able to learn all soft skills of a certain theme at a time.

A first reason to sign up for the tracks is that the improvement of soft skills is combined with a networking reception after each workshop. There you can meet like-minded students, often resulting in friendships, and network with the enterprises. Secondly,  we will make sure that you can put your acquired skills into practice at the end of each track. Finally, you will receive an official certificate, licensed by KU Leuven or the VUB, which means that our tracks are beneficial to put on your resumé.

Discover right now which track suites you best!

Workshop for 2021-2022 coming soon!

Sell yourself Track

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Do you want to learn some new tips and tricks on how to improve your own personal skills to sell yourself in the future? Are you curious about what companies value and what they expect from you? Do you want to learn some soft skills to impress your future boss? If your answer to all these questions is yes, follow these workshops and learn some tips and tricks from some great companies!

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Pitch like a master. Ideas are nothing if they’re not presented to the public. You have to have charisma, confidence, and the right articulation. Sounds like a lot? This workshop will teach students the essentials of pitching and presenting their ideas. A skill that is essential in any field.

Datum: 08/03

Bedrijf: TBA


Presentation for success. The first part of the workshop will focus on the skills and techniques of networking and how to make a good first impression. The second part will explain the do’s and don’ts of your body language because looking confident is important while pitching yourself. Both will be adapted to networking in times of crises, like Covid-19

Datum: 16/03

Bedrijf: TBA


Communicate  for success. An interesting story is a successful story. How to make it happen? In this workshop students will discover the art of storytelling and how to wrap your message in an interesting story.

Datum: 16/03

Bedrijf: TBA

Innovation Track

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Do you always think outside the box? Have you always been triggered by new innovations? Are you curious how companies adapt these innovations to their benefit? If your answer to all these questions is yes, then this workshop is something you should definitely do! Learn some tips and tricks from great companies and discover how innovation can help you in your professional life!

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Think outside of the box! To advance in problem solving it’s important to look at the issue from a different perspective. Defining, analyzing, prototyping, testing - are just the few steps students will discover at this workshop to develop their design thinking.

Datum: 09/03

Bedrijf: TBA


Build and develop! Now we know the tech environment, it is time to dive in and apply what we have learnt. This time, students will primarily explore the niche of prototyping and applications that are available to do so.

Datum: 12/03

Bedrijf: TBA


Implement change in processes! Learn all about the process, tools and techniques to manage the people side of change to achieve the required business outcome. (temporary)

Datum: 17/03

Bedrijf: TBA

Kickstart your career Track

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First impressions matter and our professional profile creates them. Our goal is to show how you can build a killer CV, polish your LinkedIn profile, and write a coherent Motivation Letter. The three will boost you professionally, and will lay a solid foundation for your success.

Workshops in dit traject


Explore your talents. LinkedIn is the place to be to have the first interaction with companies and recruiters. This workshop will explain how to optimize and personalize a LinkedIn account and how to prospect efficiently on LinkedIn.

Datum: 19/04

Bedrijf: TBA


Personal Branding: What works, and what doesn’t? Personal brand like any brand has to be unique, recognizable, and catchy. In this workshop students will get tips and tricks on how to create an outstanding online profile by using online tools and applications.

Datum: 22/04

Bedrijf: TBA


Rock the interview and negotiate like pro. You already have a killer LinkedIn & online branding? Time to get out into the world! With this workshop, students will discover interview and negotiation techniques, and go through a mock-interview to apply their skills.

Datum: 26/04

Bedrijf: TBA

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