Entrepreneurship Days

During two days, we will inspire and challenge you, to discover your inner entrepreneur. On the 17th of November, we will kick-off our doubleheader, with stories from prominent entrepreneurs. After the lecture there will be a reception with the opportunity to network. On Thursday the 18th of November, we will ignite your entrepreneurial instincts with an exciting case day. To make sure that everyone is optimally prepared for the challenge, you will be participating in an interactive workshop before the case in which some essential skills will be taught. After this workshop, you will be presented with a case, in which you will have to come up with an innovative strategy and solution. After a short break, the participating teams will have to pitch their solutions in front of a jury, who will select a winner. We conclude the two day event with a final reception, where participants can share their experiences from the past days.


Nov. 17, 2021 Start Time: TBA - Nov. 18, 2021


Pieter De Somer Aula

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