Entrepreneurship Of Tomorrow: Info Event

Panel Discussion And Info Event

Entrepreneurship of Tomorrow is our annual info event dedicated to young and aspiring entrepreneurs. We offer you opportunities to network with like minded people (over delicious food and drinks of course) and to learn from industry leaders. You will get the chance to see Piet Colruyt (Founder of Colruyt Group), Mieke Daniels (COO of Start It X) and Otto Debals (CEO segemnts.ai) having a debate about their entrepreneurial start, difficulties faced and the future of entrepreneurship.

We are not done just yet...Interested in exploring events, learning from workshops or applying your skills during consultancy projects? AFC Leuven got you covered :sunglasses:. Or perhaps you want to participate in a project in the Global South? AFD is here to help you get there.
Maybe you're a tech enthusiast or would you love to go on the Student Startup Trip? In that case, this year's location will be revealed on the event, so make sure to not miss out!

We organize this event only once a year, so we urge you not to miss out on it! Rumour has it that we will have a giveaway where you can earn a crate of Delirium beer! :wink:


Oct. 10, 2022 7:30 p.m.


VESA-91.30 (aula Vesalius)