Data Privacy

First, advertising and cookies will be discussed, namely how does it work, which data is being processed to improve the personal advertising and what happens when cookies are activated. Furthermore, we focus on how devices listen to what people say and process this information to improve their advertising strategy. Where do these companies draw the line between private information and useful information for the improvement of their services? The event will take off with a company explaining the way they process their data. Two individual speakers will talk about their experience with data privacy and their vision on data processing. Finally, a panel discussion will take place between the two individual speakers. Different topics will be handed to the speakers and they will give their opinion on them.The audience will also be able ask questions. After the event, there will be a reception where students have the opportunity to network with the different speakers present.


Dec. 9, 2021 8 p.m.


Aula Groep T

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