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The Experience branch is the perfect place for students to really put academic knowledge into practice by getting to work themselves. For example, AFC offers the opportunity to participate in a Student Consulting project or you can get a taste of entrepreneurship through an internship together with startup. Finally, via the brand new Project Startup in a team of 4, you can work out your own startup for a year.

HOW TO APPLY FOr this year's Projects?

Right now, the pre-registerstration for the consulting projects is closed. Keep an eye on our social websites to get information about the final registration

Student Consulting


With a Student Consulting project you can further develop your skills through creative and quality projects for companies in various sectors. As a student you get the chance to get a taste of life as a consultant during 10 weeks in multidisciplinary teams of 5 people, by tackling a business problem and formulating advice.

Professional guidance and an adapted short training course consisting of several workshops will ensure that your team is able to complete the project successfully. The result is a satisfied company with an implementable solution and 5 satisfied students with an improved and comprehensive skillset.

In addition to the hard work, there is also time for fun during the various team building sessions and the member party!


Testimonials of students

“Als student burgerlijk ingenieur bekijk je alles vaak op een theoretische en technische manier, maar het sociaal-economische vlak en vlotte teamwerk ontbreekt hierbij vaak in de opleiding. In dit intense 10-weekse project werd er samen met een gemotiveerd team studenten geproefd van de consultancy wereld. Ook bij workshops gegeven door mensen met effectieve kennis uit deze wereld, steek je als een onervaren student enorm veel van op”- Maarten , Project ABFT

“Een project bij AFC? De place to be voor een leerrijke en onvergetelijke ervaring in een aangename en stimulerende omgeving!”- Project Flexpack

"This project was a giant leap forward for me as the experience taught me a lot about working on projects in a team and applying theory in practice. I stepped outside of my comfort zone and by doing so I expanded my knowledge on software technology and its applications on future business models. A truly enriching experience I recommend to master students interested in gaining practical experience for consulting projects.” - Björn, Project SCIA

"Mijn ervaring bij AFC, dat is je theoretische kennis omzetten naar ’the real world’ in een aangename en toffe setting. Je krijgt hier de kans om aan zeer diverse projecten mee te werken en zo je professionele kant een mooi duwtje in de rug te geven." – Björn, Project Cera

Testimonials of companies

Geweldige ervaring! Gemotiveerde studenten! Fijne samenwerking! HARTELIJK BEDANKT!


Good group of students willing to help and improve the current situation of our company. They came with a well presented powerpoint and end-solution.

- OHL 19-20

"I am very impressed by the results, the level of professionalism and the outcome in just a few weeks time! Thank you to all the team!"


"Due to their creative approach and continuous devotion, the AFC team realized results that exceeded our expectations. We would enthusiastically embrace a follow-up project"

-E. De Vos, Supply Chain Manager, Air products

previous PROJECTS

Student consulting has its reputation for bringing big names from the industry to the students. Since 2007 we give students the opportunity to expand their network by bringing them in contact with not only big, innovative multinationals but also with smaller companies that want fresh insights from university students.

In 2018, the Airproducts team even won the award of Best Project of Europe by JE Europe, which shows that a team of 5 motivated students can accomplish a lot in 10 weeks.

Last Year's Projects

These were the projects for the 2019-2020 academic year

Drug potential research

Consumer data analysis

Fan engagement

Strategic business plan

Strategy plan

The ideal store

These were the companies we worked together with last semester: