Our Mission

Academics for Companies (AFC) is an organization for and by students founded in 2007. AFC wants to help bridge the gap between the academic and business world. We prepare students for a professional career by focusing on three pillars 'Explore, Learn & Apply'.

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Afc Event


Throughout the year we organize events where you are invited to listen to the stories of young and more experienced entrepreneurs. In the hope that their experiences might help you explore your interests.

Afc Workshop


In the second phase, it is mainly about providing supplementation on top of your academic education. For example, we organize a series of interactive workshops, bundled per topic in a "track". Each "track" consists of several workshops that offer you the opportunity to sharpen your soft skills. After each workshop there is always a small reception to allow for networking opportunities.

Afc Project


In the third phase, "apply", the aim is to put academic knowledge into practice by getting started yourself and gaining experience. For a longer period of time, a multidisciplinary team of students work together on a real-life business case. They are professionally guided by multiple teambuildings and coaching sessions.