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Welcome to AFC Ghent – Celebrating 5 Years of Excellence!
Our enthusiastic team is passionate about learning and growing together. Join us in the vibrant city of Ghent as we continue our journey of exploration and knowledge. AFC Ghent is more than an organization, it's a dynamic community committed to fostering excellence and creating lasting connections. Come be a part of our thriving team and let's celebrate five years of learning, collaboration, and success!

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Welcome to AFC Ghent, where discovery meets action! Curious about what we do? Here’s a glimpse into our world. Throughout the year, we organize exclusive events crafted for students like you, featuring inspiring stories from young and experienced entrepreneurs. Dive into our hands-on workshops, designed to enhance your soft skills and bridge the gap between theory and practice.
And that's not all – our projects pillar invites you to actively participate in solving real-life business cases from top-notch companies, ensuring you gain valuable, hands-on experience.

At AFC, our mission is clear: to empower students, foster personal and professional growth, and build bridges between academia and the business world. Ready to explore, learn, and apply? Discover what we do and embark on a journey of excellence with AFC!

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