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AFC Leuven was established in 2007 with the primary objective of bridging the gap between the academic and business realms. Recognizing the tendency to overlook soft skills and personal competences during students' education, AFC is built upon three core pillars: Events, Workshops, and Projects. Serving as an interfaculty platform, Academics for Companies is dedicated to imparting essential soft skills. Our guiding principle is encapsulated in the mantra 'Explore, Learn, Apply.'

Building on the success in Leuven, we expanded our reach to Ghent and Brussels in 2018, where we continue to educate students about the intricacies of the business world.


What do we offer?


Discover success stories: Never-ending Events!

In the realm of our events, our mission is to guide students in exploring innovative, creative, and dynamic aspects of the business world. Throughout the year, we curate a series of events where students have the opportunity to firsthand glean insights from the inspirational journeys of both young and seasoned business professionals. Our events encompass a diverse array of trending topics tailored to pique the interests of all students. By expanding students’ interests and knowledge, our events play a pivotal role in fostering their personal and professional development. We are dedicated to crafting a comprehensive experience for students and providing interactive events and receptions.


Discover success stories: Never-ending Workshops!

In the workshop segment, we augment students’ academic training by providing a series of engaging and interactive workshops. These workshops are grouped into tracks, allowing students to refine their soft skills related to specific topics, skills that prove valuable in any career. Renowned in Leuven for their quality and professionalism, our workshops consistently receive a commendable satisfaction score of 8.3 from participating students. With a diverse range of topics, we welcome students from all faculties to benefit from our offerings.


Discover success stories: Never-ending Projects!

Student Consulting projects provide students with the invaluable opportunity to apply their skills through creative and high-quality projects for companies spanning various sectors. Engaging in these projects allows students to gain practical experience as consultants within diverse, multidisciplinary teams of five individuals. Together, they tackle specific business challenges and formulate recommendations for the client company.

Professional guidance, coupled with a tailored short training course comprising multiple workshops, ensures that the project team is well-equipped to successfully complete the project. Our objective is to not only deliver an implementable solution that satisfies the client company but also to empower students in enhancing their personal competences through the real-life experiences they acquire.



Who is AFC?

AFC Leuven was founded in 2007 with the sole intention to build a bridge between the academic and the business world. During the education of students, soft skills and personal competences were regularly neglected. Therefore, AFC relies on three pillars: Events, Workshops and Projects. Academics for Companies strives as an interfaculty platform to provide these soft skills. Our maxim is “Explore, Learn, Apply”. Later we expanded to Ghent and Brussels.

In which cities is AFC active?

AFC is active in Leuven, Brussels and Ghent.

Where can I ask my questions?

If you are a company, please reach out to one of our contact people mentioned lower on the page.

Are the activities AFC organizes free?

yes! all our activities are free for students.

Why should a company work with AFC?

There are many advantages! If you present during an event, host a workshop or collaborate with students on a project, you get the chance to personally get to know the students. This is an opportunity to create brand awareness among a wide variety of students who will soon graduate. AFC can also offer you CV's of high-potential students and exposure for your company on our social media.

I am looking for students to fill internship positions, can AFC help me?

AFC Leuven launched a brand new internship platform Students@Startups in year 2019 to connect start-ups with highly motivated students at KU Leuven. This, on the one hand to increase awareness and appreciation of start- ups and on the other hand to make it easier for students to find an instructive and challenging internship. If you are interested please contact the ER manager from Leuven mentioned below.

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