Eventus (Starterpack)

Ready to revolutionize the future of food? AFC Leuven & VZW Eventus proudly present Paneca: a groundbreaking project pioneering ecological & healthy lunch options. Rooted in promoting sustainable food practices, we strive to provide delicious and nutritious alternatives. Join us as we explore the potential of this innovative concept and identify the perfect markets! Help us create a future with accessible, delicious lunches for everyone!

Who is Eventus?

Eventus, a passionate non-profit from Leuven, is dedicated to creating innovative and impactful sustainable projects. Their mission? To reshape the way we think about sustainability and to inspire others to follow suit.

They tackle various sustainability issues – from promoting delicious vegan food options and encouraging the use of second-hand books to minimizing packaging waste – all through creative and engaging projects. Their approach is unique: they believe in making sustainability fun and accessible, organizing playful events to raise awareness and encourage broad participation. Ultimately, fostering community and joy is at the heart of everything they do, promoting a positive and collaborative environment where individuals can connect and contribute to a better future.

In the context of Paneca, Eventus serves as the driving force. They leverage their expertise and passion for sustainability to develop and execute the project, collaborating with AFC Leuven to explore the feasibility and market potential of Paneca. Their ultimate goal? To create a future where everyone can enjoy healthy and tasty lunches in a sustainable way.

What is the project about?

Paneca, aims to revolutionize lunch with ecological and healthy options. Eventus is evaluating the feasibility of a new startup offering innovative, sustainable, and nutritious lunch meals. The project dives deep into market demand and financial viability through business analysis, proof of concept, and market research. Testing and refining the business idea is key, ensuring they identify optimization opportunities and strategic adjustments for success.

Challenges like determining actual demand from businesses and consumers, analyzing cost-effectiveness of production, and overcoming pricing, marketing, and distribution hurdles are addressed.

By meticulously analyzing and testing assumptions, Paneca seeks clear insights into the challenges and opportunities surrounding this innovative concept. The ultimate goal? To lay the foundation for a successful and sustainable venture, ultimately transforming the lunch market and making healthy, delicious, and eco-friendly lunches accessible to everyone.

Why join the team?
The Paneca project with Eventus offers a unique chance to impact the future of sustainable lunch options. Join a passionate team at the forefront of a movement creating eco-friendly and nutritious lunch solutions. Be part of shaping a healthier and more sustainable future for all.

We're seeking highly motivated individuals, passionate about ecology and food, entrepreneurship, and analytical thinking with a structured work ethic. Furthermore, this project is aimed at students who are fluent in Dutch and who still have some years to go in their studies (Bachelor or 1st Master), but we are open for all applications!

Join us on this journey!
Passionate about sustainability and delicious food? Then join this project team and contribute to creating healthy, eco-friendly, and accessible lunch options for everyone! Shape the future of lunch and make healthy, delicious, and eco-friendly options accessible to everyone. Don't miss this unique opportunity to make a real difference! Apply now!



  • Leuven-based non-profit creating sustainable initiatives
  • Paneca-project aims to provide healthy and ecological lunches


  • Dive into market demand and financial viability
  • Test the business idea

Project timeline

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